Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wiki Mania

I created a course on wiki for teachers learning about reading strategies in the elementary grades. This wiki is a beneficial tool for teachers to learn the importance of reading strategies on reading comprehension achievement, since they are able to read literature, complete activities, and collaborate with their peers to share ideas. Review my course in order to get some ideas for incorporating a wiki in your classroom. Wikis are wonderful tools for promoting the 21st century skills of collaboration, communication, problem solving, and critical thinking.

In addition to the wiki I created for teacher participants, I created another wiki that could be utilized in an elementary classroom learning about states of matter. The class of students could be divided into groups, and each group would be responsible for creating a product demonstrating the day's objectives. In order for students to present their projects to a real audience, groups could upload their assignments to the wiki. Each group would read and review the other groups' projects and offer suggestions and comments.

The following are some links that provide easy-to-use wikis:


Wikispaces in Education

Wetpaint Wikis in Education

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