Thursday, October 29, 2009

Podcast Describing Touch Math Approach

Today, I created a Podcast where I talked about the Touch Math method. This strategy seems to really help children solve algorithms. Instead of relying on manipulatives and/or finger counting, the children simply count the number of dots that correspond to the numbers one through nine.

Picture courtesy of TouchMath

Interactive Flashcards

Cobocards is an excellent CAI website for teachers or students to create interactive flashcards. The students can practice alone or with other classmates to memorize key vocabulary words for all content areas. After completing the practice session, there is a score report given that describes the percentage of terms which were answered correctly/incorrectly. I created a set of flashcards based on types of precipitation.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kidspiration Tutorial

Tutorials are a component of Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI). Also included in the CAI category are simulations, games, drill and practice activities, exploratory environments, and reference software. These types of lessons help students learn from the program, whereas tools help students learn with the software through the construction of a product. For example, the VoiceThread tool, as illustrated in my blog, allows students to manipulate and organize information, such as pictures and text, into a coherent product that explains the topic. However, a tutorial (CAI), as shown above, teaches learners about or how to do something. This video tutorial was created using CamStudio.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dipity Timeline

The above timeline was created using Dipity. This could be implemented in the classroom by students or the teacher to sequence events in content areas, such as history, science, and reading. It could also be used to depict a student's life story.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Paris Slide Show

This slide show was created using Slide. It could be used in a compare and contrast lesson where students find similarities and differences between Paris and their cities or towns. If music is incorporated into the slide show, it should be played at a very low volume, or it could be turned off to prevent distractions. These pictures are photographs that I took in Paris, France.

Landforms Guessing Game

This album was created using the tool, VoiceThread. It is a guessing game designed for elementary students learning about the six main landforms including mountain, hill, ocean, lake, river, and stream. This engaging activity could be used as an introduction or at the end of the unit to review the characteristics of each of the landforms. All the pictures are actual photographs that I took while studying abroad in Innsbruck, Austria.